Tool donation

At the beginning of the month I drove down to Burgess Hill, near Brighton, to fetch a tool donation made by the family of Bernard John Solloway.

Bernard was born on the 13th of June 1940 in Birmingham and grew up to be a chemist. A natural ‘shedder’, he spent many hours in his workshop, where he worked on a range of projects – even building a foundry and casting brass window latches for his house! Along with his friend, Mike, he would turn his hand to any project that took his fancy – fixing broken household appliances, turning new pieces for broken machinery on his lathe or re-casting the broken piece, when necessary!

Sadly he passed away peacefully on 29th April this year after a short illness, and we were contacted by his family who asked if we’d like to come down and pick over his hand tools, as they felt Sheddit! was a charity that he would have appreciated.

We can’t thank them enough for the treasure-trove that I discovered in his garage! Hand-saws, hammers, screw-drivers, drills, chisels and awls – lots and lots of awls! It took two of us an entire morning just to sort through all of the tools I collected!
Thank you very much to Ian, Jenny and Jackie for their kind donation.

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