Things are afoot in the shed!

Well it’s been a hectic time in the shed lately, so much so that I have neglected to update these very news pages! Fortunately today is the May bank holiday, so I’m using it to catch up on paperwork and stuff.

We have been incredibly lucky to have received loads of encouragement and support from some of our local (and not so local) businesses and I’d like to take this opportunity to give them a shout out and let them know how grateful we are for all the help. The Nook, a lovely, friendly coffee shop has been tireless in letting people know about us and in raising funds for us – they have personally made a cash donation to us, which was promptly matched by another local business RTK Farming. The money that they donated has allowed us to buy a dust extractor system (which we still need to set up) and a bench grinder for use in the smithy and for sharpening chisels, plane blades, etc.

The Nook also made us the featured charity of their “Wheel of Fortune” over easter, which was fantastically supported by the people of Swavesey, with literally hundreds of people trying their luck at winning one of the star prize easter eggs. The following week Entire Plumbing & Heating took over sponsoring the Wheel of Fortune (or FOS as it’s come to be known) and kindly donated all money made on it to the shed too!

IT For Starters has supplied us with a laptop (which I am typing this on) and set us up with free wifi. One of our trustees has offered us a CNC wood milling machine and the laptop will be used for running this, updating this website and will be used by our members to access the internet for inspiration and “how-to’s”. Thanks so much.

We’ve also received a donation of tools from our friends at Rosenbaum Agencies, who supplied us with a box load of brand new hand-tools! As a newly set-up charity a lot of our tools are quite old, so getting a donation of new tools is like getting an early Christmas present!

There are a few things that we need to sort out before we can open our new home to new members – one of them is the lights and electricity. Thankfully the Swavesey Parish Council has come to our aid. Offering us a load of unused lights and electrical hardware and money to buy the necessary cabling we will need. We have also had several fluorescent LED work lights donated by Mona Alexander of Lolworth. Of course all this electrical work needs somebody to install it and once again our lovely neighbours at the Ramshed have come to our aid. John, who is one of their steering group members, is a retired electrician and has kindly volunteered to come over to Sheddit! and sort out the lights and sockets for us!

In the last few weeks we’ve built a small storage shed next door to the main shed. All the walls are now up and we just need to put the roof on. The storage shed will be used to keep some of the furniture and equipment that our land-lady was storing in the shed before we moved in. If there is any space left over we’ll use it to store any excess timber/pallets that we may have so that they’re available for future projects.

We’ve also been sorting out a small kitchenette area, built out of pieces of old pallets and sorting out the plumbing, so that we can fill the kettle! It’s still a work in progress but it’s starting to come together. Being so close to the Nook though, I suspect the kettle isn’t going to get that much use.

So as you can see there’s still loads to be done while we get ourselves totally set-up but we’re aiming to have everything ready to open our doors by the end of this month, so I think we’re going to have to cut down on all of those tea breaks in order to get everything done in time.

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